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12 August, 2015, 22:48

I’ve recently been reworking our twitter feeds, after getting my mobile device (tablet) working again. Also, I have worked through some bugs with some of our scheduling and auto-fowarding apps, so there have been some changes. If you are on twitter, please consider following one or both of our feeds:

@2LaneTweet – This is our original twitter feed, the feed for Two-Lane Livin’ Magazine, and it includes all the updates that happen at These posts are blog posts from our columnists that happen throughout the month between print issues. Blogs listed are from Randy Bodkins, Janet Smart, Granny Sue Holstein, Sherri Brake and myself. This feed also includes links to my facebook posts about country life and living.

@hayesminney – This is a new twitter feed. In addition to links to new posts on this blog, it will include posts affiliated with writing, my MFA work, our upcoming literary journal, plans for next year’s writing workshops and overall developments in my work as a freelance literary writer.

What’s the difference? One is for our magazine, Two-Lane Livin’, and the second is for my own work, outside the magazine, as a writer, editor and teacher.

So, join me over at twitter. I look forward to our future tweets.


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