Inkslinger Press Print & Publishing Services

Stumptown Publishing produces magazines, publications, cookbooks, travel guides, chapbooks, and books. Through our subsidiary, Inkslinger Press, we create publications to help business clients build their brands and stand out in their markets, and we produce books and booklets for authors to introduce their writing, poems, and stories to the world.

We can help you with design, content, editing, proofreading, photography, print production, and circulation. In house publishing services include spiral, saddle (staple) and perfect (heat) binding, and we can also work with outside printers to produce high quality results. In addition, we offer laminating services, print services, and consulting.


Stumptown Publishing can help you produce a publication that builds stronger relationship with your customers, members, clients, and supporters. Each publication is tailored to your brand and message, and you may turn over an entire project to use or simply look to us for consultation and support. Contact us to discuss your ideas.


Inkslinger Press can work with you to get your words in print, and we can help you share your creation with the world. We offer our editing, publishing, layout, design, and promotion services for poetry and artful prose of good taste. All the books and chapbooks we publish are assigned an ISBN number and an electronic bar code, and are listed at

We offer two levels of publishing services:

TRADITIONAL SERVICE: We cover the cost of editing, design, formatting book cover, ISBN/BarCode, printing, limited circulation, and 6 weeks of specific marketing online and in print. These services are avaiable for chapbooks and books to projects and authors we feel are of specific merit and suitable for print. Manuscripts are accepted and considered January 1 – February 1.

CO-OP SERVICE: We cover the cost of proofreading, book cover design, limited circulation, and 6 weeks of specific marketing online and in print; the author pays the editing, formatting, and printing costs. Services adjustable for print books and/or ebooks . Manuscripts are accepted and considered year-round.

*If you are self-publishing, and are needing a book coach to help you through the process of creation AND publication, we will be happy to refer you to talented folks who can help you for such long-term and in-depth conversations.