New Site Launch and Look!

For ten years, the Two-Lane Livin’ Magazine web site was hosted by Unnamed Provider. However, in February of this year, our web site was hacked by an international group based in Indonesia and in our efforts to correct  the hack, we found that Said Provider had recently “released” our regular tech support contact, and had contracted out all their hosting services. Because of these changes, we felt the level of support services provided by Unnamed Provider was not to the level we had been receiving, and in the break of our relationship in relation to this lower level of communication, we lost our entire online archives.

In April of this year, we arranged a new hosting relationship with, and began building a new web site from scratch. Because Two-Lane Livin’ will soon be celebrating her 10th birthday, we took this opportunity to consider not what we lost, but what we hope to offer to our online readers and advertisers in the future. This new site is mobile-friendly, easily accessible on computers, tablets, and cell phones.  The web site, all forms and functions are protected by Wordfence Security, and all purchasing options are currently set to process through PayPal Services, a service we have used for ten years without a single issue.

The web site we have launched today–June 23, 2017–is a new beginning. The site details the products and services offered by Stumptown Publishing, LLC, a year’s worth of digital editions of Two-Lane Livin’ Magazine, and now an Online Directory of our current regional advertisers, supporters, and friends. We have also provided details on print edition subscriptions along with an online purchasing option, and easy access sign-up forms for our monthly mini e-zine, which is now celebrating its first anniversary.

As time passes, we will gradually be revisiting our archives, and presenting some of the best selections from early years of Two-Lane Livin’ Magazine. Each month, in addition to adding access to our digital flipbooks, we will dip into the archives and feature some of our favorite articles and columns from the first ten years online as well. Be sure to sign up for the monthly newsletter to ensure you don’t miss those highlights!

We have also purchased podcasting equipment, and hope to soon offer podcasts of columnists reading their pieces in Two-Lane Livin’, and perhaps additional subjects and interviews. (We are currently seeking sponsors for our podcast series.) The framework to incorporate these podcasts into our site is already in place. We also hope to feature videos from our new video drone, as soon as we learn to fly it.

Please, if you run into any glitches or problems with the new web site, please let us know. A quick email to will help us start our next ten years online with a smoothly running, clean slate web site.

Are you interested in being added to our online directory? Thinking about promoting your business in Two-Lane Livin’ Magazine? In celebration of our upcoming 10th anniversary, we are currently offering 10% off all new ad contracts purchased prior to the 10th anniversary September 2017 issue. Email for more information and details. Offer good through August 16, 2017. Why advertise with us? Find out here.