Advertising in Two-Lane Livin’ Reaches Central West Virginia Readers

March2012 CoverWhy Advertise With Us?

Once you read Two-Lane Livin’ Magazine, you realize how the magazine empowers people, celebrates our heritage, encourages life-long learning, and educates on issues relating to rural life and healthy living. Two-Lane Livin’ is central West Virginia’s only regional lifestyle magazine, and after ten years, remains the area’s most popular print publication. Our audience is loyal, interested, and dedicated.


Did You Know?

  • Advertising in print yields greater increases in brand awareness, brand favorability, and purchase intent than online or TV advertising.
    Source: Millward Brown Digital, 2007–2015
  • 61% of readers are inspired to take action after seeing a print magazine ad.
    Source: Gfk MRI, Spring 2015
  • People with the most purchase influence in households say ads in magazine media compared with on websites or TV: fit well with the content; are about things they care about; represent high-quality products & services; are more likely to motivate them to buy; provide valuable information; help make purchase decisions.
    Source: Simmons Research, Multi-Media Engagement Study, Spring 2015
  • Over 93% of adults still enjoy reading magazines. In fact, magazine readership is up. Millions of readers spend an average of 43 minutes of undivided attention per issue!
    Source: Magazine Publishers of America: 2016
  • People are paying more attention to print ads now than they did a decade ago. Not only are they seeing the ads, more people report actually reading them too. In fact, one out of three readers “took or planned to take at least one action” after seeing an ad in a print magazine.
    Source: Readex Research: 2016
“I have been very pleased with my advertising experience in Two-Lane Livin‘. It is the best response I have received in any of my past print advertising experiences.” ~ Sharon Ours, A Domestic Friend

Magazine advertising bests TV and online advertising in boosting purchase intent in consumers, and magazines rank as the #1 offline source in driving web traffic online. Whether you are promoting a brick and mortar store, and online shopping experience, or services, magazine advertising is an effective and affordable option.

“My novel became the best selling West Virginia ghost novel of the year on I am sure advertising in Two-Lane Livin’ helped make that happen.” ~ Kevin Lake, West Virginia Author

July 2011 Cover“The research continues to show that magazine media is the most trusted, inspiring and influential of all media, and several new studies provide even more proof of magazine media’s powerful ability to drive sales.”
The Association of Magazine Media’s 2016/2017 Factbook:

“We had better response from three months in Two-Lane Livin’ than three years in Blue Ridge Country Magazine, at one-tenth the cost.” ~ John Luckton, The General Lewis Inn

Regional publications are a powerful medium for advertisers. Our advertisers are an important part of our magazine family. We are committed to providing you with the means to reach central West Virginia’s valuable and untapped market.


Two-Lane Livin’ is also available digitally with clickable ads that link to your company’s site, and offers advertising space in a monthly email newsletter. Listings are also available in our online directory.