About Two-Lane Livin’ Magazine

Two-Lane Livin’ Magazine


Stumptown Publishing launched Two-Lane Livin’ Magazine in September of 2007. For more than ten years, Two-Lane Livin’  was central West Virginia’s most popular paper. Since the very first issue, Two-Lane Livin’ maintained a 98% readership rate, meaning 98% of copies circulated were picked up and taken home with readers. The final issue of the magazine was released December 2017.

The publication included family-friendly, positive articles on rural living, natural health, outdoor life, upcycling, budgeting, and more, and feature columns by popular West Virginia writers including Mack Samples, Granny Sue Holstein, and Sherri Brake, as well as columns by up-and-coming writers, business professionals, and hobbyists. Eighty percent of the content in Two-Lane Livin’ is exclusive to the publication, and cannot be found anywhere else.

Two-Lane Livin’ Magazine was solely supported by advertising and donations. We will be making our flipbook editions of all our archive issues available over time.